4 advices your dermatologist wants you to remember

Maintaining a healthy looking skin is great job for most of us and sometimes it can be hardly achieved without the help of an expert. However, you shouldn’t expect them to perform a miracle without any cooperation, so see the advices given by skin care professionals to you:

1. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by acne

The most common reason why people start seeing dermatologist is the acne. Acne sufferers are typically from 12 to 30 years old and their problem lasts from two to 10 years! So, if you have acne, don’t be embarrassed of this problem but take care of it with the help of dermatologist.

2. Your esteem can be fixed only by you.

Some patients start seeing dermatologists for an emotional fix. You should realize that while acne or wrinkles on your face may be minimized with a help of dermatologist, you should start to solve your problems with the help of a therapist. Separate your issues that have nothing to do with your skin.

3. Don’t expect a miracle

You should stop thinking that after seeing your dermatologist your skin condition will magically become clear, young and without any wrinkles. Such unrealistic expectations are often initiated by various TV shows where long standing medical conditions don’t even respond to treatment. Besides, some of skin conditions are chronic what means that you will need an ongoing treatment.

4. Clear skin takes more than you expect

Mostly it depends on the condition of the skin. For example, if it was only an allergy, to make the skin looking healthy and beautiful it can take a short period of time, like one week. However, if it’s acne its treatment can even take one year to clear and get under control.

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