4 myths about about harmful effects of cosmetics

Cosmetic products are supposed to bring out good appearance of our skin and hide weaknesses. However, it is believed that beauty products are not only unnecessary but also harmful for your body. Here are 4 myths about effects of cosmetics.

1. Some lipstics contain lots of lead.

Cosmetics, Perfumery and Fragrance Association CTFA claims that this myth is not based on real facts. The amount of lead that we could get from cosmetic products is much less than the amount of lead we get with food, water and the air.

2. Body sprays contain cancerogenic substances and cause breast cancer and provoke accumulation of toxins in lymph nodes located in the chest.

American Cancer Community and the National Cancer Institute have denied the rumors. Kidney and liver are responsible of removing toxins from our body. They are not removed by sweat glands. There are scientific proves that body sprays only can lead to allergies but they are not agents of cancer.

3. Some skind products are harmful for your skin.

The experiments have showed that products based on sodium sulfate can increase skin sensitivity. They can destroy the protective layer of the skin and accumulate in the skin cells. If we use these products regularly it can dry your skin out and provoke hairloss or dermatitis. However, for most people they are safe to use as these products are washed with water (shampoos, body gels, etc.).

4. Artificial coloring and flavoring products are harmful.

Both synthetic and natural flavoring products may cause an allergic reaction. Among the coloring products carbon formulas may be dangerous (black hair dye has the following components).

Don’t forget that all cosmetic products have been tested. However, check the composition before buying a product and choose what’s best for you.

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