5 rules how to avoid cold

When everyone around is sneezing and coughing, it is difficult to stay healthy. Here are 5 rules that will help you to prevent cold.

Rule 1. Balanced diet

Forget dry and cold snacks. Try to eat warm soup every day, especially natural chicken broth. Help your immune system by adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your menu. Many vitamins lie in citrus fruits, apples. An excellent source of vitamin C is rose hit tea. Don’t forget onion and garlic, oily sea fish, eggs, liver.

Attention! Limit the amount of coffee and black tea. These drinks inhibit the immune system.

Rule 2. Keep the hygiene

Make sure to wash your hands often. Don’t touch your nose, eyes, face with dirty hands. At home, clean the dust with damp cloth, ventilate the rooms. Avoid places where many people gather, especially if there’s poor ventilation.

Attention! Wet nose is a wonderful place for germs as it’s wet and humid. Use disposable napkins and throw them away immediately after using.

Rule 3. Clear the airway

Viruses enter the body primarily through the nose and then begin to multiply. Therefore it is useful to clean your nasal cavity periodically – rinse it with warm salted water. If you got a small cold, take a shower or a hot bath, do inhalations with essential oils. Drink plenty of hot drinks, do not wait until your mouth is dry, it destroys its natural protection.

Attention! If you smoke, it’s time to quit it or at least reduce the amount of cigarettes. Tobacco smoke irritates the airways and weakens your immune system.

Rule 4. Physical activity and good recreation.

Try exercising once a day, go for walks. Any physical activity helps your immune system. It’s simple. Your heat begins to work more intensively, your blood circulation improves, your body becomes stronger. Try to stay active and observe your daily routine. Get enough of sleep, at least 8 hours per day, meditate, relax.

Attention! Your immune system weakens because of stress. Try to avoid conflicts, rest enough.

Rule 5. Stay warm inside and outside

Dress according to the weather conditions, don’t forget to wear scarf and gloves. Shoes should always be dry. Drink warm drinks: tea with lemon or milk, herbal teas, like mint, chamomile or rose hip.

Attention! Even if a small area of your body is cold, you risk getting ill more. According to researchers, frozen nose cannot effectively prevent bacteria and viruses.


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