5 symptoms that you are pregnant

You don’t have your period? Are you worried that you can be pregnant? Here are 5 main symptoms that can mean you are pregnant.

Missing period. This is the most obvious sign of pregnancy. If your cycle is usually regular, then you should be worried even more. However, your period can be delayed because of stress or changes in your life as well.

Sore breasts. If you never noticed that you have sore breasts and now you feel it, it can also be one of the first signs that you are pregnant. If this lasts for longer than 3-4 days, you should really make a pregnancy test.

Laziness. This symptom applies for active women who usually are engaged in physical activities. If you are working out and have active lifestyle but lately you apathetic and just want to relax, this can be a sign that a new life is starting in your body who wants to stop you for a while.

Vomiting. Morning sickness is another common symptom of pregnancy. It tells you about increased sensitivity to environment surrounding you. However, don’t be mistaken. You can feel sick in the morning if you ate something bad the previous day.

Altered taste. Until now chocolate was your favorite dessert and now you cannot even look at it? Or maybe you want to eat something that you hated until now? Probably it is time to buy a pregnancy test.


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