8 facts about sneezing

Although the response to sneezing is slightly different in different cultures, the biggest part of aspects is universal. It has been linked to sudden exposure to bright light, sudden temperature changes, cold air breeze, various infections and other things. Here are more interesting facts about sneezing:

* Sneezing is an automatic reflex when we convulsively push the air from the lungs through our nose and mouth. When we start doing this, it is impossible to stop.

 * If you try to hold up your sneezing by pressing up your nose, you should never do that again and simply stop doing that because this can lead to the eardrum damage. People who stop sneezing in this way, also have the following effects: bleeding from the nose, the damage in blood vessels, possibly even blindness.

* For the sneezing it is responsible the lower part of the brain. When it’s damaged, the person can’t sneeze.

* Sneezing is very important part in our immune processes because it protects our bodies from various antibodies and infections. It helps to maintain our good health.

* Etiquette rules require to cover your mouth and nose when sneezing. If it’s not done people can unnoticeable share their germs with 150 other individuals in tight places.

* We don’t sneeze when sleeping because our nerve system that is responsible for this reflex is resting as well.

* 18 – 35 % of people who sneeze are provoked by sudden bright light.

* Sneezing may have a psychological cause. Fear, sadness, sensitivity and other emotions can trigger sneezing.


* The pet that sneezes mostly is iguana – it does that more often than any other reptiles or mammals. With a help of sneezing, iguana gets rid of certain salts. 

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