Bad breath causes

There are millions of bacteria that live in our mouth. As moth provides moist and warm it’s one of the best enviroments for bacteria to grow. Bacteria are the man reason of bad breath that can be long lasing or occur from time to time.

If nothing is done to reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth, bad breath can chase constantly. One of the main causes of this unpleasant occurance is poor dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing should be repeated properly at least twice a day. This will remove all food left overs that can stuck between the teeth. Poor dental hygiene can finally become periodontal disease which is responsable for long lasting bad breath.

Dry mouth is another problem that can be a cause of bad breath. This can offen occure because of certain medications you are taking and other reasons that may reduce the production of saliva. Because of a lack of saliva dead cells can stick to your cheecks and tongue. Later these cells feed bacteria which lead to bad breath.

There are plenty of diseases that may be a reason of bad breath as well. This includes diabetes, throat or lung infections, kidney disease, lung disease, reflux disease and so on.

Last but not least cause of bad breath is some products you are eating, such as garlic, onions or coffee. Most of the time these foods cause short-term bad breath that disappear after brushing your teeth or chewing a gum.

In order to prevent bad breath you are highly recommended to take proper care of your teeth and tongue. Brushing and floosing should be the things that you never forget no matter how busy or tired you are. Dentists also recomend rinse your mouth with a mouthwash after every brushing or every time you want to refresh your mouth.

Sugar free gum and sugar free breath mints should always be in your bag in order to refresh your breath and prevent plague from forming. Don’t forget to drink lots of water to help your body to produce more saliva. Water is also a great help to wash away all bits of food that may stuck between your teeth.

Remember that fresh breath is not only a matter of hygiene but it will also help you to gain more confidence when talking to people, etc. Take care of your teeth every day and don’t forget to visit your dentist at least twice a year.

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