Benefits of massage

Everybody knows that massage is good for your health and beauty. But what are the real benefits?

Effects on skin

Both therapeutic and cosmetic massage removes dead skin cells so your skin gets oxygen easier and this improves sebaceous and sweat glands functioning. After that your skin becomes smooth and elastic.

Our skin palys an important role as in contains many receptors that facilitate interaction with enviroment. It is involved into immunobiological and metabolism processes. Massage is one of the most effective methods to enhance these functions.

Effects on muscles and heart

Massage increases working capacity and strengthens your muscles. It accelerates arterial blood flow and makes it easier to feed body tissues. Massage also improves distribution of blood between the muscles and internal organs.

General benefits of massage

First of all, massage has possitive effect on nervous system. For example, even when you are stressed, massage can calm you down and make you sleep. Sleep after massage is much deeper. It also regulates vegetative functions of your body: respiration, blood circulation, digestion, etc. Massage stimulates thermo regulation processes and improves metablosim in tissues.


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