Breakfast – The Meal of The Day

Everyone needs their breakfast – this is true despite any particular circumstances at play. It is also true, however, that breakfast is a lot more important for children than it is for adults. Because kids’ bodies are in a constant state of development, a regular intake of food is essential. If kids don’t eat breakfast, they may have to deal with all sorts of physical, intellectual, and social problems later in life.

A Good Investment
Many people tend to ignore breakfast due to the fact that this way they can sleep a bit more, or go out earlier. However bizarre that may sound, this is a misconception, because in the long run having breakfast will save you more time than skipping it. This is actually fairly self-explanatory: breakfast recharges both your body and your mind, thus making you a lot more efficient in anything you do during the day. To illustrate this point, studies show that children who skip breakfast tend to be absent from school a lot more often than those who eat breakfast on a regular basis. Also, the argument of saving time instead of having breakfast is ridiculous, because it is really easy to make a good breakfast – have a yoghurt, pour some milk over cereal, and voila!

Breakfast and Weight Loss
Many people have misconceptions about weight loss. One of them is that skipping meals is a good idea for those with a weight problem. This has been proven to be completely untrue. For example, people who skip breakfast, whether they be children, adolescents, or adults, are more likely to have weight problem than those who don’t.

No meals are good to skip, but this is especially true for breakfast, because those who skip it tend to eat a lot more food on the next meal, or eat high-calorie snacks to fight hunger until their lunch break. Studies have shown that people gain more weight if they eat fewer, larger meals, than those who eat more often but in smaller amounts.

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