Breastfeeding: how it should be?

Most of the modern mothers perfectly know that their breast milk is the perfect food for their babies. However, the mother’s milk is also seen only as food or drink needed for her baby. Yes, it’s true, but there is another truth that is not mentioned in modern society: sucking the breast is essential for the baby in dealing with his mother. Many professionals, doctors, psychologists and consultants recommend for mothers to follow the principle that a baby should be fed according to a strict schedule. Others advise to listen to baby’s needs and feed him according to them. So, how it should be in reality?

Responding to each noise of the baby, it should be understood that the real, actual child’s nutrition is to give him the breast every time he requests so. Each mother who will try to feed her baby according this rule will see obviously that her child will ask more often than 2.5 – 3 hours (that’s how a strict feeding schedule offered by pediatricians suggests).

By being born in a closed, tight, warm space – his mother’s belly, baby was sucking his fingers and placenta, was swallowing amniotic fluid. After a birth, he suffers from discomfort and tries to get rid of it. The only place where he can feel familiar is his mother’s hands, the only action is to suck, and the only familiar taste and smell is his mother’s milk. In this way, he calms down and feels great.

So, it becomes obvious that breast feeding is hugely important process for a baby and it should be continued without any doubt. If you have problems with that, you should see your pediatrician.

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