Causes of back pain

When suffering from the constant back pain, people have the one and only desire – to get rid of it as soon as possible. Doctors claim that 90% of adults once in their lifetime at least have felt a sharp or chronic back pain. Because of physical activity decrease and sedentary work, back pain seems to have become the twenty-first century’s epidemic which is the most spread in developed countries.

Back is a very sensitive part of our body, which is the first in reporting about its disorders. Its pain can be divided in two categories: back pain as a result of injury and back pain caused by incorrect spinal load distribution. Among the causes of back pain we should especially exclude staying in one position for a long time.

There is no secret that many of us unwillingly choose a sedentary way of life: in the early days – lessons at school, then – university studies, working at computer, long trips and car driving. The same position for a long time additionally cause posture changes and, of course, back pain. Lack of physical activity is another cause of back pain. Most of us, modern people, have no time to visit sport’s clubs or just simply do some exercises at home. Only sometimes, if our weekend is successful, we manage to escape from the city to a farmstead and if we spend some hours working in the garden we start feeling a hard back pain.

When we can’t beat the back pain in “traditional” ways, finally we are forced to visit the doctor. After the tests, nameless back pain gets the names – radiculitis, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, osteoporosis, intervertebral disc herniation. It’s just a small part of diseases caused by back pain. They all may be solved by massage, medicine and therapeutic exercise sessions. However, in order not only to get rid of back pain but also to remove its cause, it is necessary to spend a considerable time and be active. Meanwhile, according to health care professionals back pain is the most common between actively working people from thirty to fifty years who don’t want to spend their time for therapeutic procedures.

All this turns out into a closed circle – to stop back pain and muscular spasms people start using medicine. However, they can only be used temporarily because continuous back pain and medicine may seriously harm your health and lead into other diseases. Patients should know that they can escape from this circle by only changing their way of life.

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