Coffee and tea may reduce risk of brain tumour

Do you love drinking tea or can’t resist a cup of coffee? According to recent study of more than 0.5 million Europeans, coffee and tea lovers are the most likely people to avoid brain tumors. This conclusion has also confirmed one of the recent U.S. surveys’ results that coffee and tea consumption reduces the risk of cerebral glioma.

In fact, these results of the study should be estimated with major exceptions and they shouldn’t be a reason to change your consumption of coffee or tea. Even though coffee and tea have a direct relationship with a development of glioma, the overall impact for human’s health is not very strong, reports “Reuters Health”. That’s because brain tumors are not very common and only 4-6 cases per 100 thousand of women and 6-8 cases per 100 thousand of men are diagnosed in Europe. In general, probability that person will have a dangerous brain tumor throughout his life is less than 1 percent.

However, according to researchers, if a greater consumption of coffee and tea truly protects us from brain glioma, this could help doctors to understand the causes of malignant tumors, brain cancer, that haven’t been revealed yet.

This study had been started in ten European countries where 521,488 men and women whose age ranged from 25 to 70 years completed detailed questionnaires about their health, nutrition, physical activity, smoking and other lifestyle issues. Subjects have been followed for 8.5 years and during this period only 343 men and women have been diagnosed to have glioma. Researchers have also compared those who have consumed the biggest quantities of coffee or tea with those who generally haven’t used it much. Even after taking age and smoking factors into account, it was found that the first group was one third lower to get glioma that the second one.

According to scientists, it can be explained biologically why coffee and tea may decrease risk of glioma. One of the recent laboratory studies has showed that caffeine slows development of glioma and coffee or tea are also rich in antioxidants that help in protecting our body cells from damage, which encourages cancer and other diseases.

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