Cold weather effects on our eyes

When the winter comes we start feeling lots of negative impacts. One of them may sound weird but many people can say that cold may even mean aching eyes. So does this somehow affect our eyes?

Cold weather usually means increasing amount of people suffering from eye infections. They can be caused by various viruses and bacteria which come through the air drops by touching eyes with hands, tissues or towels. Eye infections also spread through blood or if you have some infectious diseases (sepsis, meningitis). To prevent this, you must follow basic hygiene rules.

If inflammation is not treated it can affect our eyes, which may lead to eye damages. The disease can be aggravated by these predisposing factors: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, digestive system diseases, malignant diseases, streptococcal and staphylococcal infections. If the disease is complicated it can lead to visual impairment.

The prognosis depends on the pathogenic of the agent, severity of the inflammation and the time when treatment was started. Untreated or poorly treated ocular infectious diseases can cause inflammations of eye choroid, corneal, scleral and other structures of the eye and even damage your vision.

In this case, it is important to entrust the treatment to doctors. If eye disease is not treated or a person does that by himself without proper knowledge it can lead to serious complications of your eyes. Residual effects can last for about six months or even more.

Cold and windy weather is a natural irritant that causes unpleasant feelings in the eyes. Because of the cold wind eyes become red, they water and you start feeling itchiness. After going to a warm place these symptoms disappear. However, constant irritations lead to favorable conditions for the infections to spread which causes inflammation of the eye. In any case, if your eyes are sensitive to cold, it is recommended to consult your optician.

Cold weather is especially dangerous for older people. You should avoid drafts, cold and windy weather. Usually unpleasant feelings arise when you go from a warm place to a cold one. Your eyes can be protected from wind and cold weather wearing sunglasses.


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