What to do to make your teeth look white?

Healthy teeth and shining smile is the best accessory. But what can we do to have a charming and white smile? Here are some useful and simple tips!

  1. Get rid of bad habits. Each dentist will confirm that the most harmful for our teeth are smoking, drinking red wine, coffee, tea and other colored drinks. Refuse them or at least reduce the amount of drinking there beverages and quit smoking or at least smoke less.
  2. Drink colored beverages through a straw. If you can not give up red wine, juice, coffee, tea and other beverages staining teeth, drink them through a straw. Drinks will not have contact with your teeth, and their effects will be minimal.
  3. Take a good care your teeth. Statistics and dentists work experience show that many people do not have a proper oral hygiene. Teeth should be brushed twice a day and after each meal or beverage you should rinse your mouth with water or a special rinse liquid. It is also important to use dental floss and visit your dentist every six months.
  4. Eat strawberries. These berries have a very high concentration of vitamin C which destroys dental plaque. If you regularly eat strawberries, you will notice that the color of your teeth became more beautiful.
  5. Choose the right color lipstick. Lipstick will not whiten your teeth, but properly chosen color can embellish your smile optically. Darker, red, wine, plum-colored lipstick provides a dramatic image and optically whitens teeth.

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