Depression after giving birth

Numerous women report about depression that begins just after giving birth. It is believed that there are about 70 percent of young mothers suffering from unpleasant feelings and about 10-15 percent experiencing true postpartum depression symptoms. Why this happens when woman should enjoy her long-awaited baby? Is it possible to recognize its symptoms and signs?

According to medicine experts, depression can be caused by various – psychological and physiological – factors. They are:

*sudden changes in hormone balance. As soon as you give the birth, within 24-48 hours, there is a clear decrease in estrogen and progesterone levels (these levels become less than they were before
* painful, prolonged or very short, premature birth;
* tendency to stress, feel depressed, panic or fear to difficulties;
* fatigue and insomnia;
* inadequate nutrition and vitamin B deficiency;
* previous addiction to alcohol, drugs, abortion.

The likelihood of depression increases when family relations change dramatically. Besides, woman may feel depressed because of the loss of freedom, dependence on her baby, failure to have a perfect newborn, less attention she gets from her husband or because of the changes of her shapes.

What are the signs of postnatal depression?

Depression occurred after 3-14 days after giving the birth. Psychologists recommend to see the expert (psychologist or family doctor) if suffering from the symptoms listed below for more than two weeks:
* Constant anxiety, frustration and irritability;
* Persistent sadness and hopelessness;
* Lack of strength and motivation;
* Loss of the appetite;
* Constant insomnia;
* Loss of memory and concentration;
* Constant feeling of the guilt;
* Lack in previous interests and hobbies;
* Unwillingness to communicate with the family members and friends;
* Constant headaches, chest pain, heart rhythm and other disorders.

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