Detoxify your body naturally

Our body is the place that we should care about the most, because it is a place where we live. If you noticed that you have acne, you started gaining weight or have frequent headaches, it is a signal that it is time to detoxify your body. Sometimes we can avoid taking medications just by cleansing your body. Here are 10 ways how to help your body to recover naturally.

1. Water. Drink lots of water, from 2 to 2.5 liters per day. You can drink water with lemon; it will clean your body even better. Every morning, before having your breakfast, have a glass of water with fresh lemon juice. Make it a habit.

2. Fiber. Eat vegetables that are rich in fiber. Radishes, beets, artichokes and cabbages are great choices.

3. Green tea. Green tea can also help to cleanse your body. It is rich in organic compounds that have antitoxic qualities which induce liver function and normalize cholesterol levels.

4. Sauna. Sauna will help to get rid of lots of toxins through sweat.

5. Positive emotions. Try to experience more positive moments, think positive. When you have stressed, your body gets weak. Try to avoid this.

6. Porridges. Porridges are a great food for breakfast. It’s a great source of energy to start your day and get enough of fiber.

7. Fresh air. Try to spend more time in fresh air. Go for a walk in the forest or by the sea if possible.

8. Fasting days. One day per week drink only fresh juice and water.

9. Eat garlic. Garlic is the biggest enemy of toxins. If you want to avoid bad breath after eating garlic, chew a small piece of lemon peel.


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