4 reasons of developing hypertension

More and more people are forced to use medications for high blood pressure just as they enter fourth decade. There are even more of those who are unaware that they have health problems. We are daily confronted with factors that increase the possibility of high blood pressure occurrence. Here are just a few “popular” ones.


Height, hair and eye colour are far from everything that link members of one family. Blood pressure is also transmitted from generation to generation. If any of your parents has or had trouble with blood pressure, it may affect you too. Therefore, you should regularly check your blood pressure – to be able to control it and, reduce the risks, when possible.


Hypertension can occur at a young age. However, it is also true that the older you are the hight the chance increases of developing cardiovascular disease. Blood vessels lose their elasticity with time, which cannot not affect blood pressure.


This is a very interesting factor. According to the statistics, from to 64 years old, hypertension affects more men. Meanwhile, 65-year-old men and women have almost the same chances. In even older age, women become the majority.

Lack of physical exercises

Physical activities are very good for blood circulation and the whole organism. Meanwhile, lazy lifestyle, poor diet and overeating increases the likelihood of hypertension. Not to mention the fact that the lack of physical activity leads to overweight and obesity.

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