5 myths about contact lenses

According to ophthalmologists, many people who are considering to get contact lenses have a variety of questions or share information, which is often wrong. Therefore, we provide expert tips to deny myths about eye care and contact lenses.

1. Contact lenses are uncomfortable. Specialists note that many are hesitant to wear lenses, believing that they will cause inconvenience. However, this is not true. After a short adjustment period, most people never feel that they wear contact lenses.

2. Contact lens can get lost in the eye. This will never happen, because eye is covered with a thin membrane called the conjunctiva. It bears the white part of your eye and connects to the inner part of the eyelids, thus preventing further displacement of the lens.

3. Contact lenses are difficult to put in the eyes. Specialists note that after doctors’ advice and help, inserting lenses in the eyes is much faster than they thought. Obviously it should be noted that you need to have clean hands.

4. Contact lenses are difficult to maintain. It is not true. For their cleaning and disinfecting it is enough to have one bottle of a solution.

5. The use of contact lenses may cause infections. This, according to experts, is another myth that you should not believe in. Infection is caused by failure to comply with hygiene, such as touching eye corneas with dirty hands. If you follow your doctor’s recommendations, the maintenance of contact lenses will be really easy.

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