How to cope with acidity in the stomach?

Increased gastric acidity is a relatively common complaint. However, many people tend not to pay too much attention to it, however, if you do not treat it, it may become more serious diseases.

Increased acidity can be caused by rapid pace of everyday life, lifestyle, inappropriate diet, etc. Heartburn can be your constant company if you always rush to eat, if you do not have regular eating schedule, make long breaks between breakfast, lunch and dinner, or eat just twice a day. If can also be a cause of little protein, fruits, vegetables and natural juices.

Constant stress at work, use of alcohol, cigarettes also increase stomach acidity, and often become a cause of gastritis. So it is not surprising  younger people and younger people start complaining about it. Fortunately, it is not so difficult to avoid it, if it does not become a chronic disease.

And yet, if you do not have chronic ailments, but sometimes there is an unpleasant feeling in your stomach, there are some thing you should know to avoid further problems. Doctors recommend to stop chaotic diet and eat balanced food regularly. You should also discover a mental balance. It is recommended to include a broad range of natural, fresh and nutritious foods that are rich in protein, eat more fruit, vegetables and drink natural juices.

Doctors advise not to overeat, not to abuse alcohol, strong coffee and tea, refuse fat and fat-cooked products. Instead, choose steamed lean meat or fish, don’t forget dairy products. If would be great if you give up cheese, pickled, and smoked dishes. Dieticians also offer at least twice a day to eat soups. It is very important not to eat before bedtime.

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