The researchers claim to find tea that prevents cancer

American scientists from Ohio State have been studying the effects of chamomile tea for a long time and they have discovered that it contains apigenin, a substance that can weaken cancerous cells. Cancerous cells are viable for a much longer time than regular one and it is easier for them to reproduce. Apigenin is able to weaken them and make them sensitive to chemotherapy.

Apigenin can be found not only in chamomile tea, but also in parsley, celery, most of the fruits and vegetables. This material is characterized by anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps specific protein to adjust DNA anomalies, 80 percent. Of which are associated with cancer.

The studies have also showed that apigenin binds with approximately 160 kinds of proteins that can be found in human body. The researchers speculate that other natural anti-cancerous substances may have similar impact on cancerous cells, while the vast majority of medicinal products affect only one kind of molecules.

Through its compounds, apigenin is able to restore the lost program of the death rate of tumor cells and to make them more sensitive to the effects. Apparently, we should all drink chamomile tea regularly.

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