Tips for those who are insecure about their sweating

Increased sweating can be curbed by a combination of diet, avoiding sweat stimulating factors and taking long-term treatments. So what to do to take control over your sweat? Here are some great tips!

Avoid spicy foods and alcohol. Spicy foods may seem unrelated to sweating, but this is not true, as it only sharpens the smell of sweat. Alcohol stimulates fluid secretion, and using it, you only exacerbate sweating.

Spice up your diet. It is recommended to get rid of products that contain caffeine, like coffee, black tea and some soft beverages. Instead it is recommended to choose green tea, mineral water, eat more fish, vegetables and fruits.

Choose natural fiber clothes. They not only absorb excess sweat, but choosing dark color fabrics will hide moist areas of the body.

Mandatory hygiene. If you are sweating a lot, it is advisable to take a shower several times a day and remove body hair, because they are an excellent medium for germs and bacteria, which lead to unpleasant odors.

Professional treatment. If you are having really serious issues with sweating, trying botulin injections is one of the options.

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