Whole grain products lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Modern pace of life and the unbalanced diet lead to an increase in cardiovascular diseases. Recent studies have revealed that these diseases can be prevented by whole grain products enriched diet.

The researchers found that overweight people under 50 years can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases if they replace refined grain products with full-grain products in their diet. The study revealed that whole grain products can help to regulate blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and death.

A group of overweight people have participated in a research in Cleveland Clinic. These people ate exactly the same for two periods of eight weeks, but one diet was supplemented with whole grain products, and another one with refined.

The study has showed that diastolic blood pressure (the lowest pressure between heart beats) of people, whose diet included whole grain products, decreased by three times compared to people whose diets were only refined grain products. Such a reduction in blood pressure is equivalent to diminishing death from heart disease by 30 per cent and the risk of death from stroke by 40 percent.

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