5 easy tips to prevent flu

Spring is a time of diseases and epidemics. There is a big chance to get ill at this time of the year, so let’s talk about how to protect yourself from the flu and fight against viruses.
Did you know that the flu virus doesn’t occur for almost 6 hours after it gets into the human body, and only then begins to work? So it is necessary to deal with it during those few hours until it quietly sits on the mucous membranes and starts to destroy the cells. What can you do if you feel that you could have gotten infected?

1. Blow your nose. Until the virus is on mucous membranes, the first and perhaps the most important step is to remove it manually. Simply don’t forget to clean your nose after getting home from work, school, etc.

2. Have a bath or go to a sauna if you have such possibility. Sauna stimulates the immune system and prepares it to fight against viruses. You can do this prevention all year long, but it is especially important in early spring.

3. Take a hot shower. If you cannot have a bath or go to a sauna, it is not so much of a problem. You could just take a hot shower. Hot water improves blood circulation and stimulates the immune system.

4. Drink a cup of tea with ginger. Ginger enhances immunity and prevents getting cold. Use fresh ginger if you have it. Do not drink it on an empty stomach, especially if you drink green tea as it stimulates production of gastric juices.

5. Inhalation. This is also a great way to help fight against viruses that get into the nasopharynx. Add some essential oil (lavender, bergamot, calendula, tea tree, juniper) or dried herbs (bay leaves, lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, marjoram) into a pot of hot boiling water. Breathe the steam. It will ease runny nose, relieve sore throat and help with other flu symptoms.

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