5 reliable ways to prevent colds

Strengthening immunity is a consistent and integrated process that consists of various steps. First of all it should involve a balanced diet, exercise, work and rest, refusing bad habits, and avoiding stress. However, here are 5 important measures to prevent colds .

1. Hand hygiene. This is the first and easiest way to get rid of harmful germs that cause diseases.

2. Proper diet. Try to eat food that contains sufficient trace elements, especially copper and zinc. In the autumn give tribute to fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

3. Adapting your body to different temperatures. Even minimal physical outdoor activities (like daily walks), as well as water treatments are great methods to adapt your body to different temperatures.

4. Taking supplements that strengthen your body. After consultation with the pharmacist take supplements that contain vitamin C and other immune-activating vitamins.

5. Vaccination. It is recommended to get vaccinated, especially for groups at risk – children and elderly people.

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