Can lemons help to fight flu?

“Eat a lemon on a daily basis, and forget about getting a flu!”. This is a popular natural medicine advice on how to protect against infections and colds. It sounds convincing and simple. Unfortunately, doctors warn that lemon therapy is not as simple and harmless as it seems.


Lemon, like all citrus fruits, is a “bomb”of vitamins, so it should enhance body’s resistance to infections.

Lemons contain B group vitamins, betacaroten, phytoncides, organic acids, quite a lot of vitamin C, which is traditionally regarded as the first assistant in strengthening the immune system.


Scientists have denied the benefits of large quantities of aspirin long time ago. They also doubt in frequent use of lemon, especially,  gastroenterologists and dentists. Such a “preventive” approach can cause gastric ulcers, exacerbate gastritis, cholecystitis, and urinary bladder stones. Large quantities of citric acid can also damage tooth enamel.

Doctors verdict: there are no miracles!

We need vitamins. However, don’t matter how many lemons we would eat, they will not have enough vitamins to fight all infections.

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