Causes of sore throat and how to treat it

Each of us knows what a sore throat is. Statistics show that it equally annoys both in cold and warm season, but there are different reasons for that. In fall, winter and spring it is usually caused by viruses while in summer that happens because of air conditioners or seasonal allergens.

Sore throat appears due to inflammation of the throat(pharyngitis). Any cold disease usually occurs with a sore throat, but not always a sore throat is a sign of a cold. According to doctors, up to70% of all sore throat cases are caused by viruses, and the rest by bacteria and fungi.

General tips for those suffering from sore throat

Avoid dry air. Dry air is one of the most common reasons why we have a sore throat. To resolve this problem, use a cold air humidifier in your home.

Drink plenty of fluids. The best drinks are water, fresh juice and herbal tea. Fluids help your body to eliminate toxins and toxic substances.

If you have a sore throat, avoid eating spicy, hot, salty and solid foods. Also refuse carbonated and caffeinated drinks.

Wash hands often, avoid contact with ill people.

The most commonly used treatments for sore throat

Salted water. Although it is not the tastiest and most pleasant treatment, but it is really effective! Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and then rinse your throat three times a day for 20 seconds. Simple and effective!

Licorice root. This root is naturally very sweet, so it is not only useful but also tasty. Prepare some tea using dried licorice root. Drink a teaspoon of it when you need to calm your sore throat.

Hot tea. Tea has countless useful features. Black, green or herbal tea soothes your sore throat. Dissolve some honey in your tea, add a slice of lemon and relax. Avoid tea that has large amounts of caffeine as it can irritate your throat.

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