Products that you shouldn’t eat if you got cold

The best tip for fighting a cold is prevention, but if you have already failed, here are some useful tricks!

Everybody knows that when you are ill, you have to eat well to keep your body strong and improve your immune system. However, a lot of people have no idea that some products can even complicate your illness. So, sometimes, it is even better to eat less. Here are some products that can disturb the process of getting better.


We all know that nuts are very healthy. However, they also have a lot of calories. Excessive calories can be really bad when you are ill. Nuts are also relatively high in fat, so they are difficult to digest. What is more, the upper layer of many nuts dries and irritates throat, so if you have any respiratory tract infection, it is better not to eat them.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

This point is probably going to be a surprise for many of you. We all have probably heard that when you are ill, you should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables! And that is still true, but only at the very beginning of getting ill and then when you are almost healed, when you need to compensate your body for the loss of vitamins and minerals.

However, if you are ill for a longer period of time, if you have a fever, and your body refuses food, your intestinal activity slows down. As you know, fruits and vegetables contain a lot of fiber which might be difficult to digest. If you want to eat vegetables, it is better tif you steam, fry or stew them. Oranges, lemons and tangerines are really acidic, so not only they will irritate sore throat, but also they will create an acidic environment where bacteria will multiply faster.

Dairy Products

No matter how strange it may sound for you, but drinking hot milk with honey before going to bed is not the best tip. Milk, like all dairy products (especially butter, margarine, cheese), promotes the accumulation of mucus. Thus, it will reduce healing of chronic rhinitis healing, removal of mucus from the lungs and so on.

However, the medal has two sides. Low fat yogurt actually improves intestinal function. In order to avoid its unwanted side-effects, add a pinch of ginger or turmeric. Spices not only prevent accumulation of mucus, but also warm you up from the inside.

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