Food for luck

That’s what the champions eat:

Before they go to the conference:

Herring – it’s a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids, important for the active brain work.
Oats – mostly eaten in the morning, this meal supports the required amount of sugar in the blood.
Eggs – have lots of lecithin, which is irreplaceable when you need to concentrate attention and keep a good psychological and emotional level.
Apricots – it’s a great appetizer and a good source of energy.
Water – sip water every two hours. If during the conference you drink coffee or tea, compensate their impact with a glass of water.

Before signing a contract:

Venison – body gets enough iron needed to get rid of fatigue.
Mint – eliminates problems of digestive tract and stomach – those that are mostly caused by stress.
Raisins – provide energy, maintain a stable nervous system.
Brown rice – they are rich in magnesium.
Cheese – eat with a slice of bread to get enough calcium and have a better night sleep.

Before a competition:

Sweet potatoes – it’s a perfect source of starch needed for keep the energy.
Pineapples – stimulate regeneration of the body and struggle with a physical pain.
Pears – they are rich in potassium, essential in fighting against muscle cramps.
Figs – will help to gain the power and strength, even the participants of the first Olympic Games ate them!
Sardines – they contain vitamin D, which is necessary to make the bones strong and healthy.

Before going to the party:

Parsley – refreshes the smell of the mouth.
Tea – its bags soaked in cold water and put on the tired closed eyes for ten minutes will help to relax.
Pumpkin seeds – it’s a good source of zinc. Acne, thin hair and brittle nails often show that your body lacks of it.
Apples – it’s a great cleaning agent. Eat one before you go to the event – next day you will feel better.

Before they go to date:

Oysters – they contain lots of zinc, which enhances sexual functions.
Nuts – the best source of selenium.
Dates – there have lots of iron, effectively combating with fatigue.
Chocolate – theobromine which is inside awakens romance, love, excitement and emotion.
Avocados – it is rich in vitamin E, which keeps the highest level of libido.

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