Food that improves men’s health

Usually we don’t think about the benefits that we get from certain foods when we eat them. Here are 5 products that will help men to improve their health.

Pumpkin seeds. It’s the best medication for prostate diseases which are particularly relevant for men over 40 years old. Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamins B1, B2, C, PP, E and pectin. One of the most important properties is large amount of magnesium. Studies have shown that magnesium reduces the risk of dying at early age.

Prunes. Do you want to stay active and forget about fatigue? Don’t forget to eat dried plums. They are rich in vitamins and minerals which improve nervous system and strengthens the muscles. Besides, dried plums improve digestive system.

Beetroots. Good blood circulation and strong blood vessels is one of the most important indicators of good health. If you want to have healthy blood vessels, eat beetroots which contain foliates and betaine which improve inflammatory components. The best news is that you can eat raw beetroots.

Cinnamon. It’s a great spice that helps to prevent heart and blood vessel diseases. Besides, cinnamon helps to prevent diabetes.

Cabbages. They break down the fats and help to lose weight. Besides, cabbage fiber activates digestive system and reduces the amount of cholesterol.


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