Going to beach when pregnant

Nowadays, it‘s normal to see pregnant women in the beach. However, those who have decided to spend their time under the sun should take into account some important facts. Pregnant woman should always know that ultraviolet rays may initiate sun stroke, fainting or even be a cause of premature birth. By the way, immunologists warn that excessive exposure to the sun weakens woman‘s immune system and increase the risk of getting dysentery or other disease.

However, that’s not all health issues that may appear to pregnant woman if she spends too long under the sun. During the pregnancy, ultraviolet rays may increase estrogen levels in the body, even in the first trimester of the pregnancy, and may initiate skin pigmentation. Such spots usually occur on the face, neck, ears or neckline area. That‘s why in order to protect the skin, pregnant women have to apply protective sunscreen with an SPF higher than 30.

According to experts, pregnant women are recommended to spend no longer than 10-15 minutes under the direct sunlight. Even if it’s cloudy, they should look for a place under the shade. In addition, although the sand of the beach looks very delicate, pregnant women are not recommended to lie on it. World Health Organization experts have revealed that almost all the beaches are filled with bacteria that can cause inflammation – vaginitis or other. So, when going to the beach, you should pick not just a towel but the mat as well so that you could spend your time comfortably. If possible, it is recommended to rent a bunk.

Obstetricians agree that those women who like to swim during a pregnancy give a birth much easier. Swimming is very useful for pregnant women because body becomes lighter in water and blood starts flowing more active as well what is especially helpful for mothers that suffer from high blood pressure. However, you should always make sure that water you are swimming in is clean.

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