Habits that harm your skin

Everybody knows about such skin enemies as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, ignoring exercising or eating unhealthy food. However, there should be mentioned few other sins that can badly affect our skin.

Ignoring neck and chest. Face skin care should not end by the jaw line. Neck and chest area are exposed to basically the same environment as our face. However, these areas rarely get the same hydration and protection from the sun. So next time you are using your face serum, moisturizer and protection of the sun, don’t forget applying them to your neck and décolletage too.

Dirty make-up brushes. Using dirty blushes can end up with clogged pores and infections. Once a week wash your makeup brushes with baby shampoo and let them dry naturally.

Late night sleep. Lack of sleep leads to stress which badly affects our skin, promotes acne, eczema and so on. Sleep is the time when our body restores. If we interrupt this process, cells work slows down. Within short time it can affect flow of blood to the skin and as a result our face will look pale.

Not cleaning make up at night. If you go to sleep with your make up on, you will definitely have clogged pores, especially if you are prone to acne. When we sleep, our body temperature increases a little bit and this way the skin is suffering even more under the layer of makeup.

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