Hair loss

Hair is a true symbol of beauty and though this criteria is not usually applied for men, they also are scared by potential baldness. Is it possible to stop the hair loss or is this problem was simply programmed in the genes of men?

According to doctors, there various external and internal reasons why a seemingly perfectly healthy man starts losing his hair. 

Internal causes of hair loss are determined by age, heredity and hormones. Because of heredity, hair loss usually affects 58 percent of men and 45 percent of women older than 50 years old. External causes of hair loss – stress, depression, drugs, poor nutrition and such diseases as cancer, kidney failure, head injuries.

In the beginning, men and women who start losing their hair do not react properly and it’s quite an often situation that out of nowhere they find their hair thinned out. That’s because that hair loss becomes apparent only when a person loses about 15 percent of his hair.

Androgenic alopecia is the most common reason why men start losing their hair. It causes about 95 percent of all the cases of hair loss and may begin any time after maturation. Hair loss starts from the top of the forehead. However, when man finds himself to be losing hair from the sides of the forehead, further progress of hair loss is only about 50 percent.

Men find themselves affected by Androgenic alopecia because of three factors – genes, age, and stimulant effects of androgens. This effect of hair loss is caused by inherited characteristics of a hair follicle which reacts to normal circulating androgen levels. In the process, genetically inherited hair follicles shrink and reduce growth phase (Anagen), and extend recreational phase (Telogen). Gradually, the hair become thinner and even stop growing.

The best way to prevent the hair loss is to use shampoo and lotion created for solving this problem. Shampoo will effectively remove the hair and will disinfect the scalp while lotion will feed the scalp and will strengthen the hair follicle. Lotion should be used for a long time period if you want to improve the blood circulation properly, strengthen hair follicles what will help you to have a beautiful, healthy and strong hair.

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