10 habits that will make us more active

There is no need to drink liters of energy drinks or coffee, to stay fresh. We offer 20 quick and simple ways that will make you to stay active and vigorous.

1. Work out at noon. When you feel lazy in the afternoon, go to the gym instead of lying on a couch at work. This will help to increase your productivity and successfully complete your work day. If you cannot hit the gym at this time, see point 3.

2. Eat chocolate. It contains caffeine, but it’s not the only reason why it gives strength. The flavonoids in chocolate increase activity in the brain and improve mood.

3. Sleep a little bit. Studies have shown that the optimum daily sleep duration is 10-20 minutes. A nap will help you to get back to productive mood.

4. Walk. Leave your place for a while. The best place to walk is a park. Stay in fresh air for 20 and you will feel much better.

5. Eat on time. Our food is necessary for the body to function. Regular healthy diet will improve your brain activity.

6. Eat complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates (such as whole grains) is an excellent choice. They contain glucose which is a food for brain. Carbohydrates make you feel energetic. It is scientifically proven that those who consume a little carbohydrates, are prone to mood swings.

7. Laugh. Laughter is a stress killer.

8. Drink more water. Sometimes we forget to drink a necessary amount of water. However, even a small dehydration can lead to drowsiness, so always keep water at hand.

9. Communicate. Studies show that those people who are a chatting with others very little often feel unhappy.

10. Turn up the music. Listening to loud music and beating the rhythm will quickly give you strength to concentrate.

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