4 good mood killers you should know about

Many of us at least once a year have to deal with something that destroys the mood and decreases performance. This most frequently happens in fall and in spring. Cold and gray sky is annoying, and all days look similar. People often try to raise bad mood with food. On the one hand, it can be quite a good thing, because there are a lot of superfoods that can raise your mood. Food can also affect our body weight and even make your mood worse. It is therefore necessary to know what to avoid eating. Here is a list of good mood enemies

Alcohol and energy drinks. Alcohol and caffeine improve mood only for a short period. What’s the worst, they also increase the strain on the adrenal glands, and blood sugar levels.

Abuse of coffee and tea. Excessive consumption of these drinks leads to insomnia and frequent mood swings.

Sweets. Any sweets and sweet drinks promote sudden increase in blood sugar levels and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Fat-free products. Fat is necessary for the human body (of course, in moderate quantities). If you are constantly using fat-free products, you can end up depressed.

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