4 products that harm your bones

Osteoporosis affects both males and females. But did you know there are certain products that are especially harmful to your bones. Here is a lirst.

Caffeine. Australian researchers have found out that people who drinks coffee, eats chocolate and other caffeine-containing products often suffer from osteoporosis. Their bone density is 3.1% lower than of those who do not consume these products every day.

Salt. Scientists of the University of California scientists warn that the higher the amount of salt you use, the higher the chance is you will have negative effect on your bone, because salt encourages the loss of calcium in the urine.
Alcohol. Most people know about the effects of alcohol on their liver, their ability to drive, etc. but you should also know that alcohol increases bone destruction. For example, people suffering from chronic alcoholism heal much longer than people not taking alcohol.
Soft drinks. Some people believe that carbonated beverages improves Soft drinks ensures acid-base balance in your stomach. Some scientists argue that these beverages.

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