Best snacks of your have dry skin

If you want your skin to be always shining, smooth and faultless, you should first of all take care of the inside of your body. A diet enriched in certain products is the way to go.

If you notice that your skin began to be drier, you should, first of all, start eating products that contain monounsaturated fats. Perfects choices to snack on are avocados and various citrus fruits. Also do not forget to use olive or pumpkin seeds oils.

Monounsaturated fat does not allow your cells to dry out and it helps the skin to regenerate. Soon you will regain healthy color and vitality. It is essential to get omega-3 fatty acids too. They are extremely useful for the whole body.

Make sure to eat more salmon, mackerel, cod, tuna, sardines, walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, etc. If your skin is sensitive and tingling, eat cabbage. Avoid fatty dairy products, meat products, coconut oil and coffee.

Make sure you have a nice daily skin care routine. In the morning and evening remove make-up with a special product, cleanse your skin and then use a toner. Hydrate your skin with light texture gel, do not forget to use a body lotion. At least once a week, treat your face with a mask and remove dead skin cells using a scrub.

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