Causes and treatments for drowsiness

Not all of us wake up in the morning active and rested. Sometimes we feel a lack of rest for obvious reasons: loud neighbors, crying children, etc. But what if you constantly want to sleep? Here are some simple reasons why you cannot sleep and what to do in each case:


Sleepiness can be a protective reaction of your body to stress. Brain is unable to cope with the feelings, so it is trying to protect itself and cause drowsiness. If you are experiencing long-term stress, it may be that you want to sleep, due to this.

What to do: Try to understand the problem, which causes stress, and try to fix it. If you cannot do it yourself, get help from a psychologist.


American scientists claim that people who constantly feel sleepy during the day, should check if they don’t have diabetes. Some people feel sleepy because of disturbed metabolism and utilization of glucose (both when glucose levels in the blood increase and decrease). How to recognize diabetes? If you constantly feel thirsty, weak, you mouth is dry, you have itchy skin, and you often feel dizzy, these are the first signs.

What to do: consult your endocrinologist and do a blood and urine tests as soon as possible.

Low blood pressure

If your blood pressure is low, your brain gets less blood and oxygen, and as a result, you feel drowsy. How to recognize it? Constant weakness, sluggishness, frequent dizziness, possible headaches are the symptoms of low blood pressure.

What to do: measure your blood pressure at different times of the day. If it is constantly low, consult your therapist.

Thyroid problems

Hormones produced by thyroid regulate many body functions: metabolism, weight gain or loss, tone support, etc. If hormone production is insufficient, your metabolic processes slow down and you experience drowsiness. If you constantly feel tired, if you have memory issues, if you have noticed that your skin is dry and your nails begin to break, this can mean you have some thyroid issues.

What to do: immediately consult your doctor.

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