Check your skin. 6 symptoms of skin cancer

A few minutes. That’s the time you need to do a thorough inspection of your skin every month. Those few moments could save your life, because skin cancer is successfully treated – you just have to notice it on time. Here are 6 symptoms that can indicate about skin cancer.

1. Dehydrated skin. A lot of people have dry skin for a variety of reasons. But that does not mean that you have skin cancer. However, if you notice dry skin patches that appear and disappear from time to time, you should seek medical advice.

2. Sudden bleeding. Unreasonably heavy bleeding because of simple injuries is also not a good sign. This symptom is also common to other diseases. If this problem persists, visit a dermatologist. If your skin is healthy, maybe it is another sign of illness.

3. Discoloring. Skin cancer is often manifested as skin color changes, so watch your skin color. If certain areas of the skin are changing, consult with your doctor.

4 Irregular shapes. Whether it’s a mole, dry skin or swelling, if it does not have regular shape, it can be a warning about skin cancer. In this case, it is important not to ignore the problem and remove the dangerous-looking derivative, as long as it did not cause major problems. This easy and painless treatment can prevent cancer.

5. Wounds that do not heal. Probably few people know that if your bruises do not heal quickly, it could mean cancer. But when it comes to skin cancer, it is not just about bruises. It is also important to pay attention to the healing of wounds, especially if it takes longer than usual.

6. Particularly flaky skin . Dehydrated, flaky skin is not attractive for anybody. Usually people solve this problem with various creams, but they are not always sufficiently effective. Instead of spending money on various creams, see a dermatologist to help determine the true reason.

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