Daily habits that can harm your kidneys

Kidneys are one of the most important organs of our body. Kidneys remove metabolic products, regulate water and salt balance, release erythropoietin, a hormone which is responsible for production of red blood cells, produce rennin (an enzyme), support normal blood pressure and so on. Unfortunately, some of our habits may be particularly harmful to our kidneys. What are they?

Smoking and consumption of alcohol. You perfectly know that these bad habits are harmful to your health in general. Alcohol and tobacco worsen renal function, since they have much more work to do to remove toxic substances from your body. These habits are actually a slow suicide.

Lack of sleep. The point is that kidney tissues are repaired at night. If you have constant lack of sleep, the chance that kidney defects is much higher. Stop making excuses and make sure you sleep enough.

Large doses of caffeine. By the way, this may be one of the reasons why you cannot sleep. High amounts of caffeine in coffee and other non-alcoholic beverages are harmful for your health in general, but it particularly affects kidneys. Caffeine has a strong diuretic effect, your body dehydrates and forces kidneys to work more intensively.

Passive lifestyle. If you have a sedentary work it may affect your blood circulation and damage your kidneys, so it is recommended to do hourly breaks and exercise a little bit. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of kidney stones.

Deficiency of vitamin B6. For the kidneys to function normally on a daily basis you need to get enough vitamin B6. You can get it from fish, potatoes and many fruits (except citrus ones).

Excess of protein. Unlike fat , protein does not accumulate in your body, so excess of it increases the load on kidneys.

Lack of water. For kidneys to function properly, you need to drink sufficient amount of water (not coffee, tea or other drinks). Water literally helps your body to get rid of all toxins and impurities.

Your health is in your own hands. Get rid of these bad habits and you will feel much better.

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