Did you know that some teas are not just beneficial?

Today we can find a wide variety of teas in shops. The range is expanding not only because of a variety of types of tea, but also aromas and additives that give this to popular drink special taste and smell. Tea with mint, bergamot, thyme, jasmine, etc. is really popular nowadays. You can also find blends with sage, oregano and other spices.

When choosing tea we usually focus on our taste, price, packaging or even advertising you’ve seen, but we rarely think about the benefits of this drink. We can often see a word “Aroma”on the packs of tea. Manufacturers swear that they contain the same substances as natural plant oils, and they have no harmful effects on the human body. But this may not always be true.

So are you sure your tea is not harmful for you?

Tea with mint

Tea with mint is one of the most popular ones : it relaxes, soothes, normalizes blood pressure, eases breathing, etc. Mint stimulates digestion and well-being during menstruations or menopause, because it reduces the pain.

Moderately used mint does nothing wrong. However, it is worth remembering that it reduces the levels of the hormone testosterone for men, which can inhibit sexual desire. It is also not recommended to drink tea with mint for pregnant women. It is always better to consult in advance with your doctor.

Tea with bergamot

Bergamot is attributed to citrus fruits. Bergamot essential oil is extracted from its peel and then placed into a tea. Though it is weaker than lemon oil, bergamot oil protects against viruses. Some researchers say that bergamot tea improves digestion, tones and dispels fatigue.

However, this drink is not recommended if you are hypertonic  as it increases blood pressure. Also, be cautious if you are allergic to citrus. Pregnant women should not drink it either as the baby might be born allergic.

Tea with thyme 

Thyme gives a special flavor and aroma for tea. Not surprisingly, this plant is popular not only in cooking and medicine. It kills bacteria, relieves pain, has a positive effect on digestion, improves mood and protects against depression. Thyme is recommended to treat colds and lung problems.

However, use tea with thyme only in moderation. In case of overdose, it can lead to digestive tract,9 liver, or thyroid problems.

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