Everything you need to know about sleep

No sleep – no life. The simplest form of sleep disorders can severely affect the whole life, because if not rested the body is unable to cope with even simplest everyday situations.

What is the proper temperature for sleep?

While sleeping human body and brain temperature drops, so it is the best to ensure a good ventilation and the temperature should be slightly lower than usual, but at least 18-20 degrees.

How human weight associated with sleep?

Sleeping human body produces growth hormones. If a person is sleeping restlessly, waking up in the middle of the night and no more than 4-5 hours, it cannot keep enough growth hormone release, thereby the amount of insulin in the blood is increasing. Too much insulin stimulates the brain to send signals of hunger. That is the reason why you feel more hungry if you don’t sleep well.

Who needs more sleep: those who have physical or intellectual job?

In this regard there is no difference. Both one and other people need to have a good rest. The most important thing to remember is that quantity does not mean quality. If you sleep well, then it takes a shorter time. If you just lay in bed for 9 hours, you cannot really say you have slept enough.

Is it normal that some people do not dream?

Yes. A certain percentage of people do not remember their dreams and this is completely normal. This does not mean that they do not dream.

What should we do if we have nightmares at night?

Isolated nightmares occur for everyone, but if a person is constantly having nightmares, that is signal of the presence of certain problems in life, which people sometimes do not observe. If you have a possibility to talk to a psychologist, he or she could help to find out the real cause of dreams.

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