Garlic can fight oncologic problems

Cool weather and colds are forcing many of us to use medications. However, we should not forget about natural medicine, such as garlic. Although garlic has not very pleasant aroma and pungent taste, doctors have been recommending it for almost all diseases. Today good qualities of garlic are even confirmed by science.

Therapeutic properties of garlic were known even in ancient times: Egyptian papyrus found 1500 years BC had 22 therapeutic recipes with garlic. Since ancient times garlic was also used in Greek medicine, so their benefits has been known for a very long time. During World War II garlic was called a Russian penicillin.

There are thousands of scientific articles about properties of garlic. The publications studied its benefits and impact on health and disease prevention. Mostly ways to protect against cardiovascular diseases, cancer cases and antimicrobial anti-inflammatory effects have been investigated. Garlic helps to regulate cholesterol levels, improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, stimulates platelet decrease. It also improves respiratory system, cleans toxins, slows the progression of the cancer cells. Garlic acts as an antidote. It is very active against infections and all microorganisms. Its sulfur compounds are so strong, that it is notable for its antimicrobial properties and it acts as an antibiotic.

The belief that garlic improves the immune system is wrong. This vegetable has healing properties, but it should not be confused with immune system enhancers, like Echinacea, ginger or ginseng. In its composition garlic is very similar to onions, but they have much less active substances.

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