How to fight against stress?

If we look closer at someone who is dealing with a stressful situation, we would notice the changes of his breath: it is shallow and infrequent. It also increases heart rate and muscle tone bending. This is a normal reaction of the body in self-defence when trying to preserve the most sensitive areas of the body – neck, internal or genitals.

If a stressful condition lasts for a while, we will inevitably face one or another internal organ disorders. A lot of inflow of blood to the heart and skeletal striated muscles and intestines remain on the sidelines, so there’s shortage of nutrients.

What kind of ailments stress causes?

Often people complain about digestive system and heart disorders: constipation, stomach pain, bloating, heart, palpitations, increased heart rate. However, there are different kinds of stress, so it is hard to say whether that the damage to internal organs is long-term or short-term. It all depends on how strong our bodies will react.

How to fix it? Sometimes it is enough to listen more closely to your body. If you experience back pain, constipation, indigestion, and you notice that the symptoms are aggravated experiencing stress, then you probably already have an answer on what is needed to begin to solve the problem.

Each copes with stress in their own way

According to physical therapist, there is no one answer on how to deal with stress. Some relax with the book or doing yoga, other being in nature. Everyone must listen to themselves and discover what suits them the most. However, people who suffer from constant stress, should do some breathing exercises that help to calm down, relax the diaphragm, improve the function of internal organs and help the body deal with stress.

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