How to get ready for hot weather?

Every summer experts remind to eat less sweets, forget strict diets and take care of your blood vessels. These are the main tips to overcome hot weather. But do you know why? Let’s talk about it more.

Overcoming nausea. Many people suffer from thermal nausea: the head feels heavy and they feel sick. To overcome these unpleasant symptoms, eat bananas, black currant, spinach or mint. Make a simple cocktail with fresh mint tea, cool it down and add a teaspoon of lemon juice and ice. This cocktail will also provide more energy.

Do not to overload your stomach. Heavy rich in protein and fat food is not easy to digest and it requires a lot of processing power. As the blood thickens and metabolic processes slow down in a hot climate, it is better to choose “light” protein foods that are high in fiber, such as fish, fruit, vegetables, rice, and oatmeal. You can also eat lettuce, just make sure it’s fresh, and do not keep it in the refrigerator for too long.

Don’t say “no” to salt. Do not go on salt-free diet when the weather is ho. When you sweat, your body loses a lot of salt and trace elements. However, this does not mean that all your food must be salty. Just follow the recommended rates.

Sleep well. Do not eat anything heavy before going to be, especially meat. Your body temperature rises when you are digesting. Eat something light for dinner: drink a glass of buttermilk or yogurt, eat cheese, a piece of cheese with herbs or vegetable salad with mozzarella.

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