Protect your heart to prevent cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are very common among men. However, women should also take a better care of their hearts and change some habits. Usually cardiovascular diseases develop in a more mature age. Unfortunately, often the first symptoms go unnoticed and problems are identified only in advanced stages.

It is never too early to think about prevention of such diseases. You only have to pay more attention to your blood pressure and cholesterol level in your blood. The biggest enemies of heart are alcohol, tobacco, obesity and stress. Reducing them can significantly ease your heart.

Cardiovascular diseases are insidious not only because they develop slowly, but also because they are caused by high cholesterol and persistent bad habits that are not easy to change. However, the heart really feels the difference if you look for solutions. For example, if you stop smoking, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease over the years will be reduced by half.

Sometimes people get used to high blood pressure and do not pay attention to it. This can be very dangerous, so your blood pressure should be regularly checked and, if necessary, you should take steps to reduce it. If you do not have a blood pressure monitor at home, you should visit your doctor regularly or find pharmacies that provide this service. It is worth paying attention to your body mass index too. Overweight is one of the risk factors, so you should be maintaining normal body weight.

Accordingly, it is very important to stay active and exercise. Heart is a muscle, so if you live too static, the risk of developing diseases increases. Regular exercising lowers blood cholesterol, helps to regulate blood pressure and strengthens heart muscle. If you are working out, you pulse will become less dense and the blood pressure will rise slower.

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