Something else about cleansing your body

Have you ever heard of colon hydrotherapy? Basically, it is an improved type of enema, which is known to remove unnecessary substances from the colon.

Many celebrities in Hollywood have started using this body cleansing method long time ago. It is a very effective way to get rid of excess weight as well as cleanse body from toxins and slags. Some people say that colon hydrotherapy was even used by Princess Diana. She used to do regular body cleanings in one prestigious clinic in London.

Many people know from ages ago that it is quite easy to reduce weight by cleaning intestines. Slags can be removed from intestinal walls by medical plants and sorbents. This normalizes metabolism.

The entire process lasts from half an hour to one hour and it does not have negative side effects. During one treatment, around 20 liters of liquid is being passed through intestines. Specialists claim that after 5-7 treatments you can have the same results as after 21 days of fasting.

Colon hydrotherapy cannot be compared with using enema at home. Do not forget that you can easily harm your body. The best way to cleanse your body is with a help of special equipments and medical monitoring. For this reason not all clinics have this type of therapy. One course of 5-10 treatments should be done not more than once per 6 months.

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