Tea breaks improve mood and help to work more productively

Dutch scientists have proved that tea breaks are a useful thing at work. First of all, people rest from working, relax, and disconnect for a minute from all the problems. Tea and coffee contain caffeine and thiamine, substances that help to calm down. Tea breaks also improve creativity and increase mood. People who drink tea in the middle of the day, solve problems quicker, cope with their duties better and feel happier comparing to those employees who are not making breaks.

Tea and coffee are aromatic drinks which often include sugar. As you know, glucose also elevates the mood and gives strength. So tea breaks improve efficiency and increases productivity.

Dutch scientists have make a research with several groups of employees. One volunteer group was offered a cup of tea with milk and sugar, the second one – tea with sweets, and the third one – only a glass of water. Then the researchers tested people’s mood, fatigue levels and overall well-being. The volunteers had to tell them about some event that made them happy, solve a jigsaw puzzle, and to perform several other tests.

People, who drank tea, coped with their tasks faster and they were feeling better than those who were only drinking water. The volunteers who drank tea four times a day for six weeks, had very low levels of cortisole, which is a stress hormone.

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