The most common causes of hair loss

If you see a lot of hair after taking a shower or a good handful of hair remains in your hair brush, you should definitely do something about it. However, you should not panic. Let’s find out the reasons why people lose hair, then it will be much easier to find the best solution.

Hair loss can happen because of both external and internal factors. First of all, you should analyse your diet. A lot of women lose their hair due to excessive and irrational diets. Generally speaking, if hair follicle nutrition is disrupted, and you do not receive all necessary materials, you hair can die prematurely. For hair loss may be a result of a lack of vitamins C, B5, B6, PP, iron, calcium and magnesium. Even if your diet is goof, it should be noted that the absorption of vitamins can be hindered by inappropriate way of life, like drinking alcohol or smoking.

Another fairly common causes of hair loss are hormonal changes. For women it is commonly associated with pregnancy, abortion, birth control pills, menopause and some endocrine organ diseases. Hair condition is highly dependent on the overall state of the whole organism, it can be affected by any health problem.

Nowadays, we say that stress is the source of all evils. And this can be related to a lot of different things, like weight loss, surgeries, and various emotional experiences. Causes of hair loss can also lay in genetics. However, the main advices would be to control your stress and eat properly.

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