What can our skin tell about our diseases?

Our skin can say almost everything about us – if we are sick , how much sleep, what bad habits we have, etc. Here are 10 skin conditions, which can warn of more serious diseases.
1. Yellowish skin. If your skin got yellowish you should check your liver and gall bladder. There may be a disturbance of metabolism in these organs. The longer you delay, the more chances inflammation may occur.
2. Pale skin . Too white skin can indicate anemia meaning that your body is lacking iron. It can also show lung and bronchial diseases.
3. Pale skin with a bluish tinge. If your skin is pale and your nose and lips are bluish, it can show some serious heart diseases.
4. Flaky skin. This shows malfunctioning of the central nervous system and may indicate about nerve problems.
5. Oily skin. This is a sign of impaired fat metabolism in the body. It is worth testing the digestive tract.
6. Pink spots on the face and neck. The most common reason of such spots are food allergies or medication effects.
7. Red acne. This can show disruption of stomach and intestines or there is a potential sign of poisoning .
8. Dry skin like wax. Such skin can indicate chronic gastritis, gastric or duodenal ulcers.
9. Dry skin patches on the elbows. It is a sign of a weakened immune system.
10. Uneven, blotchy skin. Different shades of skin often report that your body has accumulated toxins slag.

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