What to do if you gain weight because of stress?

Stress is so common nowadays. We all may have stress at work or in our personal lives from time to time. Some of us tend to lose weight when we are stressed, while others, starts to gain weight. Many people as why extra kilos tend to grow if they are stressing out, even though they eat healthy and go to the gym.

So, be aware that not only when you are stressing out, but also when you are working out for too long, your body releases cortisol which us a stress hormone. Therefore, your workouts should not be longer than 1 hour, otherwise the muscles begin destroying catabolic and anabolic processes. When you work too much, have financial problems, etc., out body gets exhausted and we feel stress.  Therefore, it is crucial to sleep enough. Also, be sure to look after your diet and learn to cope with stressful situations. You should also eat healthily and consume plenty of fluids.

Fluids are needed in order for the brain to function well. If you feel stressed, you have to drink 2-3 liters of water a day. Another important thing is oxygen. Do not close yourself at home or in the gym, where there is little oxygen. Your brain needs a lot of fresh air to function well. So be sure to walk outside as much as possible.

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