4 foods that are not so healthy as we think

Do not think that eating vegetarian, vegan or organic foods is always vey healthy. Here is a list of products that are not as healthy as most of us think.

Vegetarian Pizza

Do you think that a vegetarian pizza is healthier than one that contains meat, for example, chicken? In fact, it’s the same pizza, usually made from refined flour, seasoned with salt, creamy sauce with a pinch of vegetables. This dish is not healthy as it does not contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and it has a lack of antioxidants.


If you order a salad in the restaurant, even if it is without mayonnaise, it does not mean it is healthy. Salads are often made with refined oil, a lot of salt, refined sugar, etc. Not to mention that some of the vegetable may not be washed very well.

Vegan snacks

Veganism cannot be directly associated with healthy lifestyle. It’s a diet, when people do not eat certain foods, usually for ethical reasons. Some vegans eat a lot of processed food, that is refined flour, sugar, salt, fat, etc. Often vegan food is fried. There are plenty of vegans that have health related problems.

Organic yogurt

Organic and conventional sweetened yogurt. Which one is healthier? Do not expect a miracle, when the main component is pasteurized, homogenized, deodorized milk, and the second main is refined sugar, and there are more than 10 grams of it for 100 grams of yogurt. Users are lured into green packages, green leaves signs and images of nature. Organic food can also be high-calorie, it may contain a lot of sugar, etc.

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